Stefan Halper & Associates

I am posting this “comment” as is from another blog.  It is packed with info that is worth checking out…Here is where I found this comment:

July 15th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #542

  1. JX says:

    1) Mifsud pushed info onto Papadopoulos then his associates attempted to extract the planted info as “evidence”.

    London Academy of Diplomacy –

    • Nabil Ayad is the Founder

    • Joseph Mifsud is Director

    • Nawaf Obaid is a Visiting Fellow

    • Stephan C. Roh is a Visiting Fellow

    • Dr Gianni Pittella is a Visiting Professor

    Obaid was the Project Director for a major study conducted for DoD Office of Net Assessment. – (Saudi-US Relations Information Service) –

    ★ Mifsud is linked to a person who led a project for DoD Office of Net Assessment, Obaid

    ★ Stefan Halper also has produced reports for DoD Office of Net Assessment –

    Both Halper and Mifsud are associated with the very high level Office of Net Assessment

    ★ Mifsud planted info on Papadopoulus. Halper & friends attempted to get Papadopoulos to admit to having this info.

    2) Pittella addressed a group of Clinton supporters after the close of the DNC Convention at Philadelphia: “I have taken the unprecedented step of endorsing and campaigning for Hillary Clinton because the risk of Donald Trump is too high” –

    ★ Mifsud is linked to a Clinton campaigner, Pittella

    3) Stephan C. Roh founded Roh Law –

    Mifsud consulted for Roh Law –

    Roh and Mifsud have co-authored books.

    Ayad and Mifsud co-presented at a conference held at Link University in Italy –

    Also presenters at the conference: Alexander N. Chumakov, and Olga Leonova, both with Lomonosov Moscow State University

    Mifsud is listed as a “key speaker” and the London Academy of Diplomacy a “partner” at the “Globalistics 2015” conference held at Lomonosov Moscow State University
    “” is the Russian Academy of Sciences – Institute for International Economic and Political Studies

    ★ In my opinion Mifsud is a double agent, at least.

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