FISA Abuse…of Power

Sundance has penned a scathing analysis of the inherent abuse within the FISA system–a system that exists to perpetuate & protect itself…

“Unlawful surveillance is the originating principal behind Operation Crossfire Hurricane; it is also the originating issue within the Peter Strzok “insurance policy”; additionally, it is the originating aspect to the Clinton/Steele dossier; etc. etc. the list is long.  Chase any of the corrupt threads back to their source of origin and you eventually come back to the surveillance authority within the FISA processes.”

Sundance builds his case & analysis well at his original post…I’m just sharing a couple of snippets for a hint of what he reveals–please read his post!

“The 2015/2016 FISA abuse, search-engine surveillance and the underlying sketchy FISA application against Carter Page, is the lynchpin to the entire unlawful enterprise.  In the bigger picture, what happened is also dangerous as heck.  That’s the reason why Chairman Devin Nunes and Chairman Goodlatte keep chasing the story behind it.

However, even when chasing the story behind the FISA issues – what you discover is the FISA process itself is based on opaque fraud that is almost impossible to hold accountable.

The FISA surveillance system inside the intelligence apparatus is unaccountable by construct and design.  The users, and in these examples the ‘abusers’, of the surveillance system are essentially protected by the scale, scope and structure of the process.

via Unfortunately Every Investigative Trail Comes Back to the Dead End of FISA Abuse…

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