Family Find!

Wandering around I found a nearly century old photo of my grandpa’s sister’s wedding party.  I spent some time teasing out the info to include in my family tree at Family Search but wanted to post it here too for easy access.  What a blessing that other’s share those treasured family photos online for our discovery & delight!

David Williams and Musa Belle wedding

Here is the info I added to this image at (as is)…

Wedding Photo of Musa Belle Althea Stoddard & William David Williams

This photo appears in the middle of the “Stoddard Blue Book” which was given to each family attending a family reunion held approx 1996 at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI & hosted by James & David Taggart to honor their mother Jane Margaret Jones Taggart, who appears to be a junior bridesmaid in the front right of this photo. This book, “The Generations of William Ellsworth Stoddard and Hattie Annabelle Cardinal–Before & After” was compiled by Harold Himes (the young boy in the center of the photo), with significant contributions by Patricia K. Stoddard Armstrong & other family members.

Here is the caption written by Harold Himes for the Stoddard Blue Book: “The wedding of William David Williams and Musabelle Althea Stoddard in the year 1929. He was from Nashville, Tenn. which was really far away. I want you all to know that I was realy [sic] the star of that show at the center of the picture. It was a big moment in my life to be all dressed up and carry those rings, But it really was a family affair when you see who all is in the picture. Uncle Dave was a real good role model for me–always giving encouragement and a helping hand. He was a tool and die maker at the Ford Motor Co. Musabelle and Dave moved into the house at 6132 Mc Millan [in Detroit] after Hattie [Musabelle’s mother] died in 1937. She was always the one to help with wrapping the Christmas gifts, and to teach us good manners at the table–along with other appropiate [sic] affairs. In many ways she was more like an older sister to me–rather than an aunt–and was a very special person in my life.”

Valerie (Stoddard) Curren & her father William Ellsworth Stoddard spent some time on Father’s Day 2018 going over this photo & comparing other family photos in the Stoddard Blue Book to the faces in Musa Belle’s Wedding Photo. Bill also used his personal knowledge of his family members to aide in the identification process. Here is our best combined effort at putting names to faces, heading from left to right (from our perspective).

Front Row:

Girl far left: Ruth Elizabeth “Betty” Jones (later Brown), youngest daughter of Ruth Ann Stoddard Jones & niece of bride, ~9yo

Man seated far left: Cardinal William Stoddard, younger brother of bride, ~19yo

Woman seated farthest left: Ruth Ann Stoddard Jones, older sister of bride, ~36yo

Bride: Musabelle Althea Stoddard ~22yo

Boy standing center: Harold William Himes, youngest son of Hazel Wenonah Stoddard & nephew of bride, ~ 10yo

Groom: William David Williams ~30yo

Woman seated farthest right: POSSIBLY Hazel Wenonah Stoddard Himes, oldest sister of bride, ~38yo

Man seated farthest right: Herry Jones, Ruth’s husband, ~46yo

Girl far right: Jane Margaret Jones (later Taggart), oldest daughter of Ruth Ann Stoddard Jones & niece of bride, ~10yo

Back Row:

Man farthest left: Kenneth Marion Himes, Hazel’s oldest son & nephew of bride, ~15yo

Woman farthest left: Unknown

Man center: Unknown

Woman center: Unknown

Man farthest right: Elzine Munger “E. M.” Stoddard, bride’s older brother (& my grandfather), ~27yo

Woman farthest right: Vivian Beatrice Thompson Stoddard, E. M.’s wife & bride’s sister-in-law (& my grandmother) ~23yo

Looking at this literal snapshot of history I find myself wishing that there were other photos shared from that day, like of the bride’s parents.  I also wish that Harold had named the various family members in the picture in addition to the personal vignette he shared for they were likely more readily obvious to him than to my dad & me.

Musa Belle in November 1929

This photo is apparently Musa Belle (Auntie Belle) Stoddard in November of 1929

This is apparently William David Williams, perhaps around the time of the marriage

Here is Hattie Annabelle Cardinal Stoddard, Musa Belle’s & my grandpa Elzine Munger Stoddard’s mother, no later than 1937, which is the year she died.

Well, that is the end of my current photo finds at

Please drop me a line if you are interested in any of these family members or if by some chance you might know who else is in the wedding picture.  Blessings!

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