Earth Shattering Insights on Trade by Sundance

This is shock wave stuff, at least to me.  Sundance has ripped the mask off the Chamber of Commerce, globalism, & bought politicians.  He sees all & shares his insights on the process & why so many entities are lined up against President Trump & his historic efforts to Make America Great Again–especially for Main Street USA.  His perspective goes a long way to explaining why politicians go to Washington & become so rich & why we, the little guys, never feel like our “representatives” actually represent us in anything!

Please check out his original post for details (a sample is below)…

President Trump Leads The ‘Great Trade Awakening’…

“Prior to the 2016 election few people understood that DC politicians don’t actually write legislation, lobbyists do.  Politicians don’t write laws, their role is to sell legislation created by lobbyist groups.  That is the modern legislative model; that’s how it really works.  Unfortunately the same bastardized and manipulated process has happened around trade deals and trade agreements.

In modern trade agreements, before the election of President Donald Trump, corporations would write the actual language within the deal.  Corporate lobby groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have fully functioning staff that do nothing except write the trade agreement language.

If a multinational corporation wanted to increase its value, it simply needed to pay the indulgency fee to the U.S. CoC and the massive lobbying group would create language inside the agreement to assist their interest.   Note the corporation didn’t need to be U.S. centric, currency is multinational.  The U.S. CoC then pays politicians, both democrats and Republicans, via campaign contributions for the trade controls.  People can debate the nuance and intersections of governmental bureaucracy within the process; however, peel all the skin from the onion and this is how it really was working.”


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