Sundance is Scathingly Hilarious!

Read the original post for so many gems of insight!  Here’s a sample:

•On the global gender equity initiative, six of the G7 members have agreed to a $3.8 billion fund to create more opportunity for female organisms; and/or for the expanded rights of those who might identify as female organisms in the next generation.  The central beneficiary group of the G7 gender equity initiative will likely be human; however, in the spirit of inclusivity the communique also accepts a building movement within the EU to recognize planetary gender inequality amid all species.

In fairness to the female Salvadorian four-toed sand lizard who might not want to face the horrors of sub-tropical male domination and subsequent impregnation; the U.N. will use a portion of the G6-1 funding to study the sensibilities of trans-gender lizards in the Southern Hemisphere.  The international monetary fund will be responsible for distribution and will use their upper-east-side suites as the temporary conduit until the new international center for gender equality building is finished; [*note the design competition and contractor bidding period has been extended until August 14th, 2021]

via Justin Trudeau: Tariffs are Only Illegal When U.S. Does It…

Justin must have been wearing a very special pair of magic socks to make this speech!

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