There will be blood.

This link is to a well stated blog post on the recent immoral & apparently illegal arrest of Tommy Robinson, a citizen journalist/activist who keeps tabs on & reports about the increasing dangers of creeping Islam in Great Brittian. The author appears to be from this society that is quickly seeing its freedom of thought, expression, & action squelched by the dhimmitude of its alleged leaders.


I’ve been a blogger for a number of years, and have occasionally been asked why I do it by the few people who know that I do, or can connect me to the Pointman persona I habitually write under. I always give them the same answer; I want my voice to be heard because so often what I want to say is forbidden in the frighteningly Orwellian dictatorship of the mass media.

An old Baptist hymn called who will sing for me comes to mind. You have to stand up and try to sing your own song, because if you don’t, my experience is nobody else will. Longevity and bloggers rarely go together, because it’s no good doing the ego trip, or ranting and raving at the moon or just blogging over nothing of any consequence. You very soon run out of the passion you never had for it, and…

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