Stella Shares About Starting Points & Quotes Jack Cashill!

Stella, of has shared some interesting background about some of the origins of The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance, & several of the admins…This is great history of the online conservative movement & quotes liberally from Jack Cashill (from his book “If I Had A Son”), author & contributor.  Enjoy!

This conversation & so much more can be found here:

General Discussion, Monday, May 21, 2018

                • stella says:

                  Clarice Feldman is a Facebook friend, and she reads CTH every day. She often quotes Sundance in her Sunday column, “Clarice’s Pieces”.

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                  • I’ve appreciated her writing long before I knew about CTH or here. Birds of a feather! Eagles all 🙂

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                    • stella says:

                      She has a very impressive bio. She’s older than I am, and she really knows her stuff.

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                      • Does she actually Know “Sundance” like her AT colleague Jack Cashill appears to?


                        • stella says:

                          No. Jack is different. He has actually talked to some of us (including me) by telephone. That was when he wrote “If I Had A Son” about the George Zimmerman trial. CTH is mentioned liberally in his book. He sent all of us signed copies.

                          By 2009, Sundance felt most at home at Hillbuzz, an unorthodox and oddly conservative blog overseen by the eccentric Hillary Clinton supporter, the openly gay Kevin Dujan. For Stella, a Detroit-area grandma and IT professional, this proved to be a hospitable watering hole until that “terrible Saturday in November, 2010.” Explains Sharon, a sixty-something farmer’s daughter from Montana, “Dujan went weird on us.” He started insulting his visitors, many of whom had been supportive with praise and money. After some harsh words, visitors like Sharon and Stella found themselves being driven way or even formally “banned.” Stella remembers being “horrified at the real possibility that we would be separated from our friends forever.”
                          By this time, though, the collective had made enough email contacts to regroup at a side room called “the Connection.” There they talked among themselves– Sundance, Ytz4mee, Sharon, Stella, Finch, WeeWeed, Bijou, Garnette, Menagerie, Ad Rem—and concluded they were ready for something more. “I was tired of being nice,” says Ytz4mee, a full time military spouse and mother of four. “We needed a space where we could be ourselves and teach others how to deconstruct the mainstream media narrative.” And so, in February 2011, the blogging collective known as “The Conservative Treehouse” found a cyber home all its own.
                          Like Sundance, all the “Treepers” can define with some precision the moment when they too switched from passive witness to active participant in the life of the republic. For a few, the transition was even more dramatic as they morphed, like Ytz4mee, from “raving socialist” to stalwart constitutionalist. But none of the eight “admins” who run the site, Sundance included, ever expected that one day they would be standing, metaphorically at least, where tank man stood.
                          They have stared down a powerful hydra-headed force that the mainstream media, out of fear or ideological complicity, refuse even to acknowledge. “We Ain’t Backing Down,” Sundance headlined a post in bold red letters after the opposition began to pound them. “Get That Through Your Thick Skulls.” It was Ytz4mee who first labeled this force “the black grievance industry,” shorthanded by the Treepers to “BGI.” The BGI is not as scary as the Chinese Army, but if the Treepers are just about all that stands between you and it, the BGI can be pretty damn frightening. Those with doubts need only ask the family of the man whose rights the Treepers have spent more than a year defending, the besieged “white Hispanic,” George Michael Zimmerman. The Zimmermans will put those doubts to rest.

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                          • Lucille says:

                            Fascinating, Stella. Fills in some of the gaps. A couple of names aren’t familiar…Ytz4mee, Finch, Bijou, Garnette.

                            What fun to be in Cashill’s investigative book! The only book in which I’ve ever been included was during my leftie days and it’s downright embarrassing to read the progressive blather I was putting out.

                            Which of Sundance’s posts first caught my eye or how CTH was discovered in the first place I don’t know. But I was reading there during the Zimmerman miscarriage of justice and the Ferguson mess.


                            • stella says:

                              Ytz has withdrawn from CTH. She has her own blog, called Stop Shouting! Finch decided to concentrate on her career (she’s a lawyer). I don’t know what happened to the other two, but they weren’t admins. There were originally eight admins – seven women, and Sundance. The women were WeeWeed, Ytz, Ad Rem, Sharon, Waltzing Mtilda, stella, and Menagerie.


                            • stella says:

                              patriotdreamer was added as an Admin later. Both patriotdreamer and Waltzing Mtilda are technically still admins, but don’t participate much.


                          • Thank you for sharing this wonderful & fascinating history! What a journey you have all been on & what amazing havens of sanity, joy, & truth you are all creating!!! May God continue to bless each of these endeavors & to shine His Light into the pervasive darkness & delusion that is deceiving so many. God Bless YOU Stella! 🙂

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