Getting Up to Speed on Hillary & Huma

As the Inspector General’s Report on his investigation of the Hillary “mishandling” of classified emails & the non-investigation of the same is soon to be released, the following videos lay out the alarming facts of the case.  Comey could practically be indicted based on his “false” sworn statements contained within these well researched & professional presentations…

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

via Huma Abedin Laptop Emails and The Non-Investigated Issues Therein…

…& from some comments at the original article…(removing posters’ names)–the Muslim Brotherhood angle being of particular interest.  fyi “Hussein” below probably refers to aka “Barak Obama” aka Barry Soetoro, etc…

Ok, a question for any learned Treeper:
There is an undercurrent jurisdictional suggestion that military tribunals can be employed to charge and try the conspirators associated with sedition. Could that, please, be explained ?
Many here have a knowledgeable and informed understanding of parts of Federal Criminal Procedure, i know a bit of it, but how do defendants trigger the jurisdiction of military tribunals?

  • We are currently in a declared war on terrorism via the Authorization On The Use Of Military Force – that’s one way. We also have executive orders against Human Trafficking which refer back to the very expansive and quite brutal laws against said acts.
    So who knows.

    • I would recommend to read the EO dated 21 Dec 2017 in which the president declared a national security emergency ergo martial law.

      The letter from Michelle Bachmann many years ago requesting Huma Abedin to be investigated. Huma Abedin is a muslim brotherhood member as well as all her family members.
      Michelle Bachmann correctly together with Chuck Grassley questioned the implication on national security.
      One McCain went ape sh$t and together with others and media Michelle was demonized.

      Now its 2018 and Huma Abedin will make it into the spotlight and sunlight.

      Who is Abedin and was she a stealth muslim brotherhood member participating with others in the subversion of our government? The muslim brotherhood charter and activities included a chapter dedicated to infiltrate and overthrow our government from within?
      How many stealth muslim brotherhood agents did Barry placed into the many national security and military defense that included highly sensitive positions throughout government entities? Why?

      Why did Huma forwarded ever email, every video, every pay-to-play, every criminal enterprise and foundation activity and child sex trafficking info with videos of HRC and Huma terrorizing, violating a small child(ren)?

      There is much more on Huma to come!

      Look: Hussein: muslim brotherhood member; Valerie Jarrett: muslim brotherhood member; John Brennan: muslim brotherhood member?!

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