Alarming Video on the Deep State

U.S. Government Announces 21 States Had Hackers Target ...

SPECIAL REPORT: Exposing The Deep State – Dr. Rich Swier

This is a very provocative video that touches on many issues of concern about goverment overreach, unchecked & unconstitutional power, corruption, & control–alarming!  I found this video in the comments section to this post, fyi:

Michael Caputo Discusses His Three-Hour Questioning by Corrupt Legal “Small Group” Clinton Representatives…

Former CIA Officer Explains The Shadow Government ...

Proferet Occulta Veritas: Report #5 — Shadow Government ...

Americans for Innovation: DEEP STATE'S JAMES P. CHANDLER ...


images from “shadow government” searches

The Project–Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan To Infiltrate ...

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In a seemingly unrelated arena & following a “rabbit trail” onto another article it appears from an analysis of State of the Union Addresses by US Presidents, 1790-2014, there is a clear line of demarcation in eras, perhaps related to the creation of the Federal Reserve, noted in the above video & described as the first “death” of the US Constitution, the second death being in 1947 with the unconstitutional creation of the CIA.

“Using largely different methods, the study reveals how the understanding of US governance took a departure from preceding eras around the time of the First World War, though this fact may have escaped contemporaries.”

The graphic below is from the above cited website & reflects that topical analysis…

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