Rod Rosenstein Referred for Possible Criminal Charges!

Hidden in the weeds of the document sent by Congress referring multiple people for possible criminal charges is Rod Rosenstein.  If you examine the letter, see scribed link below, Footnote 17 on page 5 outlines how RR is to be recused from involvement in the FISA abuse investigation!  Could this be the thread to pull on to unravel the entire illegal Mueller (RR appointed Mueller to investigate a non-existent “crime”, as in the whole investigation is Illegal) enterprise?

Sundance, with his usual aplomb, helps the sordid picture come into focus at his outstanding blog, The Conservative TreeHouse.  Please check out the original posting & so much more there to see that Trump’s MAGA vision is alive, well, & thriving at The Last Refuge!!!

via Congress Sends Criminal Referral To Sessions, Wray and Prosecutor Huber…

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