Preview of Coming Attractions

Sundance is often prescient…Here’s his anticipated listing of reports yet to come:

“Lastly, the release of this IG report is affirming our prior expectations.  There will be several releases of individual components within the larger OIG investigation.  This is only the first release, and only covers one specific issue of Andrew McCabe directing leaks to the media and then lying about it to FBI investigators.

Each of these aspects is an investigation unto itself, and will likely result in a stand-alone report:

åUnlawful and coordinated media leaks РPart I (McCabe);

åFalse statements to investigators about unauthorized media leaks РPart I;

•Clinton email, manipulated investigations with predetermined outcomes;

•False testimony to FBI, congress and under oath to IG (Comey/McCabe);

•Manipulated FBI 302 reports, and/or false presentation of documents;

•Willful political corruption by Asst. Director Andrew McCabe; Director Comey etc.

•Unlawful use of FBI and NSD databases;

•Political issues within Main Justice DOJ-NSD (Carlin, McCord, Ohr, Yates);

•Issues with the FISA court; •false presentations; •source material (Steele Dossier);

•State Department involvement. •unmasking. •origination of counterintelligence op.

The issues being investigated by the OIG are massive and complex.  That’s why it would be beneficial to carve-out the FISA court aspects, declassify the content, and allow those inquiries to proceed independent of the IG and federal prosecutor John Huber.”

He stated within the original posting that he anticipates criminal charges against McCabe & that they are supported by the fact that the transcription of a recorded interview w/ McCabe, where he demonstrably lies, is not appended to the recent OIG report released (scribed document within the original CTH post too).

Time to start popping the popcorn to enjoy the show!

Donald J. Trump


DOJ just issued the McCabe report – which is a total disaster. He LIED! LIED! LIED! McCabe was totally controlled by Comey – McCabe is Comey!! No collusion, all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!

via Digging The Details – IG Horowitz Report on Andrew McCabe…

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