Mueller Musings by the Master

Sundance provides a devastating analysis of Mueller’s role…

“With the political appointees changing out (Lynch, Yates and later Comey) the small group needed a cover story to retain their professional association and carry out phase 3.  The Special Counsel became that cover story.  That’s why so much political, intelligence community and media capital was expended December ’16 through May ’17 to generate the demand from both Republicans and Democrats.

The team already existed.  The objectives already existed.  The only thing they needed was a willfully-blind leader and an excuse.  Robert Mueller became that willfully-blind leader because the small group already knew him and knew they could manipulate/use him.

I doubt Mueller has much of an idea what his team even does.  They bring him things; he signs them; and they go about their tasks regardless of his appearance.

Absent the existence of early onset dementia (ie. Alzheimers’) Robert Mueller is willingly going along with a clearly visible fraud.   So he’s also transparently corrupt, complicit, terrible, unlawful, etc. and all other appropriate descriptions.   However, Mueller has no more control over the “small group” investigation than the owner of McDonalds has over your cold french fries.

The entire Special Counsel scheme is a political justice department fraud of historic scale and consequence.

via Common Question: “How do you square Mueller in all this?”…

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