Commenting on another’s Autism Spectrum Journey…


  1. Thanks so much for sharing a bit about how your journey started. My son on the Spectrum had anything but a straightforward trajectory…and unfortunately so many of his Spectrum needs were eclipsed by pressing medical issues. In a way I envy how seemingly smooth your process sounds. What a blessing to have had access to quality therapies at a young age and to have adequate insurance coverage to access them with seemingly relative ease. Getting my son’s Spectrum needs addressed has been virtually a lifelong battle and so many times it has been incredibly frustrating. Our financial situation meant we were constantly left with only the tidbits the “system” (school, community mental health, medical when covered by insurance, etc) provided and the “benefits” varied considerably…and have spent much of this time making things up as we go along (to loosely paraphrase Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark)…

    Anyway, now that my son is 20 and has “graduated” from high school, it may be time to revisit some of our own journey and reflect on how things developed historically and gain some greater understanding for the “where do we go from here?” questions.

    Thank you also for listing a number of the blogs you follow here as they have been helpful in steering me toward other families on the Special Needs roller coaster…and reading about other people’s experiences can be such an encouragement, inspiration, and even a challenge as we continue to grow in grace, peace, and strength in the process of navigating special needs family life.

    Blessings & Best Wishes,

    Valerie Curren

    …writing occasionally at and JournalingForTheJazzman at


    –I don’t know if this above comment will survive moderation or not…so I decided to post it here…below is the link to the article I was commenting on.  Blessings, Valerie

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